Simplextrans – rail forwarding/ transportation services in Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Poland, CIS cou

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    Simplextrans LTD
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01 Сентябрь 2017

Simplextrans – rail forwarding/ transportation services in Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Poland, CIS countries, Europe, Asia, financial guarantee in Ukraine.

Simplextrans Ltd is performs complete service on forwarding transit, export and import freight in Moldova, Romania, CIS, Europe and third countries by rail, sea and in intermodal transportation (including with use of ferries).
Having a wide network of partners in territory of the CIS, the Baltics and the third countries (the forwarding companies, customs brokers, etc.) our company is ready to solve any problems put before us by our clients on delivery of cargoes in any directions.
We are constantly raising the quality and expanding the area of offered services.
Feature of our company is simplicity and efficiency in work with clients, hence the name “Simplextrans”. It means, that we are trying to simplify as much as possible the process of transportation and to minimize clients cares and the actions related to the transportation process.
We consider that our clients should be engaged in their business, while the process of the organization of transportation, including all bureaucratic formalities enters into our duties.
Creating the best transportation scheme that will ensure an efficient interaction of all the parties involved in the shipment process with the purpose to provide a prompt delivery using rail, motor and sea transports (including ferry-boat)
Provision with wagons, including tank wagons and tank containers for wine, juice and juice concentrate forwarding
Conventional and general freight rail forwarding to CIS, Baltic and European countries, Central Asia
Simplextrans provides for regular forwarding of freight via ferry routes. It allows direct rail-water freight transportation to/from CIS and other countries. Ferry service has the following advantages:

Less transport cost
Reduced time of delivery
Better safety of freight when transhipped
Simplextrans uses folowing ferry-boat lines:

Ilichevsk (Ukraine) - Varna (Bulgaria)
Ilichevsk (Ukraine) - Poti/Batumi (Georgia)
Ilichevsk (Ukraine) - Derince (Turkey, Istanbul Region)
Baku (Azarbaidjan) - Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan)

Developing and implementing forwarding solutions for special and outsized cargoes
Developing and implementing forwarding solutions for CFM transit cargoes
Organization of the international carriages by road in/from Moldova in Europe and country C.I.S.
Cargo movement control and operative elimination of delay in route
Customs declaration of transit and export-import cargoes to Moldova and other countries, registration of quarantine permits and other certificates
Providing financial guarantees . Drawing up financial guarantees for the State Customs Department of Ukraine for transit haulages of excisable goods through the country. Financial guarantees for excisable goods are required both for railway, as well as for automobile transportations. The obligatory hypothecation value or the customs debt is replaced with guarantee documents which allow the excisable goods to pass through Ukraine without hindrance.
Insurance of freight will help you to avoid loss and damage of your freight from any unforeseen situations en route. Simplextrans assists in concluding agreements with experienced and reliable insurance company of Moldova – “QBE-Asito”, with no increase in tariff payments or rates for insurance. The agreement on insurance can be concluded for single freight transportation or for special contract (general policy). All kinds of freight can be insured, which you as the Insured or your partners as the Beneficiary receive or dispatch for specified term.

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